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About of Tamin-chi

Thank you very much for seeing Tamin-chi’s website.
Nice to meet you. I’m Kato.
This shop was born in Matsuya Town (Chuo Ward, Osaka City) by rebuilding an old private house exceeding 100 years of construction. As much as possible, we refurbished using old material at the time so that everyone can feel nostalgic feelings.
There are a lot of sticking points here. Some of the second floor was blown out from the first floor part, using cedar for the material of the ceiling, the wall was finished with white painted plaster, we rebuild ourselves as much as we can. We care every part of the shop with affection.
Until I started this shop I was working in a completely different industry. Jobs at this store are just encounters with new things. Sometimes I feel troubled or cry. Still it will be very happy if you say “It’s a nice shop” from the customer.
I hope many customers will come to this shop and be happy. Please feel free to come and visit us.
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