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Party menu

New Year’s party / year-end party / welcome reception party etc…
4 to 10 people(Menu will be available upon consultation)
※Reservation required before 1 day
Please call 06-6777-1798
 Party Menu
per one person ¥2,500(tax included)
・Potato Salad ・Fried Potato ・Fried Mimiga ・Suchika ・Buta Motsu Nikomi ・Hirayachi ・Fried chicken ・Pork and Egg ・Dessert
 Open Bar(120分)
per one person ¥1,500(tax included)
・Draft Beer(Asahi supper dry) ・Shochu high(Lemon,Lime,Shikuwasa) ・Highball ・Shochu(Wheat,Sweet potato) ・Japanese sake beige ・Wine of Glass(Red,White) ・Awamori(Zanpa Black) ・Non Alcohol drink(Sanpincha ・Oolong Tea ・Orange juice ・Pink grapefruit juice
※Please be forewarned that preparing for hot will take time.